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    I'm so excited you made it to my blog! This is where we can truly get to know each other better. I'm a writer by nature and sometimes I think the best way to get to know someone is through their words. Words can connect, move, and inspire people. They are very similar to photographs in that way. So wander around and get to know me better! I hope I can inspire you - just as each one of my clients has inspired me.

Bonnie and Huw | Southwood Wedding Photographer

Bonnie and Huw live in London and came to Florida for a destination wedding. Their wedding was at the Triple Crown House in Seagrove Beach, but the week of their wedding they traveled to Tallahassee for a pre-wedding session. It was such a fun time!! I’m going to encourage more of my couples to do this! Because their wedding was on the beach, Bonnie wanted some photos with the beautiful Oak Trees and hanging moss. Southwood was the perfect location!

And make sure you check out Bonnie and Huw’s wedding photos here.

Pre-wedding session at Southwood located in Tallahassee, FloridaWedding Session in Tallahassee, Florida

SouthwoodWeddingPhotographer_TallahasseeWeddingPhotographer_NorthFloridaWeddingPhotographer_Pre-weddingSessionSouthwoodWeddingPhotography_TallahasseeWeddingPhotography_MilitaryWedding_LaceWeddingDressMilitary pre-wedding session at Southwood, Tallahassee, FloridaOpenLaceBackWeddingDress_MilitaryWedding_SouthwoodWeddingPhotographerSouthwoodWeddingPhotography_SouthernWeddingPhotography_TallahasseeWeddingPhotography_DestinationWeddingPhotographer_MilitaryWedding_LaceWeddingDress




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