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Knox is 3 | Tallahassee Portrait Photographer

How is it possible that three years has passed since Knox was born? It just feels like yesterday!

One of Knox’s favorite “people” lately has been Mickey Mouse and his gang, so we decided what better way to start the third year of your life than with a Mickey Mouse birthday party!

A huge thank you to my mom for putting together this paper chain. And you don’t even want to know how long it took to hang the entire thing…….

I found some cute Mickey ribbon at Michael’s and made the invitations in PhotoShop. Then I printed it, cut everything, and attached the ribbon.

Cupcakes with Oreo Mickey “ears”  from Lucy and Leo’s Cupcakery were delicious . . .

. . . but the biggest hit was this centerpiece. I bought foam board from Michael’s, cut out different size Mickey heads, then hot glued them to sticks. I filled the red bucket with Alabama shakers for filler. But the kids loved the Mickey heads and wanted to take them as “prizes.” It worked out perfectly!

Inside the goodie bags were Mickey PEZ dispensers, Mickey and the gang frisbees (small), Mickey tattoos, and Mickey fruit snacks.

Ring toss game around old fashion Coke bottles . . .

. . . and of course the tried and true can game. I’ve had this game at every one of Knox’s parties and the kids absolutely love it. I just paint the cans differently each year to match the theme.

The birthday boy with Isla, granny, and Mimi.



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